commercial kitchen in seattle with rodent problems

If rodents are causing problems in your restaurant or other commercial facility, contact Sprague today!

We recently discussed why rodents, and in particular rats, love to spend time in the city. To expand on the topic, the commercial sector is especially vulnerable to rodent infestations in cities such as Seattle, Portland, and Salt Lake City and that is because commercial facilities are more likely to have the elements (food, water and shelter) rodents need to thrive.  

Not only are rats, mice and other rodents an eyesore that could drive away customers, if left unaddressed rodents may:

  • Contaminate food and water sources as well as product

  • Inflict extensive structural damage

  • Spread harmful bacteria with urine and feces

  • Create fire hazards and damage facility equipment

  • Negatively impact a company’s image and reputation

Implementing the following rodent exclusion techniques in addition to partnering with a pest management firm, will help prevent rodents from taking over your business.  

  • Carefully inspect the exterior of the facility and seal off any cracks, holes, or crevices with caulk
  • Do not enclose equipment

  • Do not close off void spaces within the facility

  • Improve sanitation efforts throughout the facility and especially in areas where food is prepared, stored or served

  • Do not let cardboard or other debris pile up on loading docks or other areas of the facility

If rodents are already present in your facilities, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today.  Offering effective commercial pest control solutions including rodent control, we are ready to help business owners and managers combat rodent problems in Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, Denver and throughout our large service area.