Rodents and pests along Seattle’s waterfront are officially on notice: Bertha, the 7,000 ton beast of a digging machine, is on its way. And she isn’t turning back!

Bertha left Japan on March 19 for the 5,000 plus mile voyage across the Pacific Ocean to Seattle where she will be tasked with digging the Highway 99 tunnel. The tunnel will cut under Seattle’s waterfront district and ideally make traffic run a whole lot smoother in this busy corridor.

While area business and property owners are happy with the prospect of smoother traffic flow, there is a segment of the local population that is not exactly thrilled with Bertha’s impending presence along the waterfront – the local rodent and pest population.

A bi-product of Bertha’s immense and profuse digging skills is the fact she will likely barge into the cozy burrows of thousands of furry disgusting rodents sending them scurrying for new homes. The Sprague Pest Experts empathy doesn’t extend to the displaced rodents but rather to the businesses along the waterfront that will have to endure the resulting Ratpocalypse.

For months now the Sprague Pest Experts have been working with business owners and property managers to rodent- and pest-proof structures using the latest exclusion, baiting and trapping technology. And there still is much work to be done before Bertha pulls herself together (she was disassembled into 41 pieces) and starts churning away at the dirt sometime this summer.

If you want to track the travel progress of this hulking soon-to-be rodent-nemesis visit the State of Washington DOT website at http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/Projects/Viaduct/About/FollowBertha

If you are a business owner along Seattle’s waterfront or anywhere the Sprague Pest Experts deliver exceptional services, and have spotted signs of increased rodent or pest activity around your property, contact the Sprague Pest Solutions.

There is still time to have an effective rodent management implemented before you know who arrives and starts stirring things up.

Send us an e-mail at info@spraguepest.com and we’ll be happy to get back with you with more information.


The Sprague Pest Experts