rat in trash in seattle

As the trash is cleared away, be sure to safeguard your home or business from rodents in search of new food sources.

August 3, 2012 -- The yard waste and recycling company in Seattle has been on strike until today. There are piles of trash all over the city. It’s been a smorgasbord with the trash luring rodents toward homes and businesses, especially restaurants. As the piles get picked up, you can bet the rodents will be looking for new food sources and hiding places.

In order to protect your home and business from rodent infestations, Sprague would like to offer the following tips:

  • Keep your doors closed; even though it is supposed to be warm this weekend, open doors are a free pass for rodents to infest your home or business.

  • Make sure all open windows have screens that contain no holes or tears.

  • Take trash out regularly and do not store it near your home or facility and keep it in bins with lids that rodents cannot access.

  • Seal off any holes or gaps that could provide entry to rodents (they only need the size of a dime to get inside!)

For more information on rodent control in Seattle, please contact us today at Sprague Pest Solutions. We also provide commercial pest control services in Portland, Salt Lake City, as well as much of the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions.