bed bug in salt lake city

Let Sprague help protect your professional reputation from bed bug infestations.

In recent years, bed bugs have been a serious pest problem in major cities throughout the U.S. and unfortunately Salt Lake City is no exception and really no type of business is exempt. In fact, bed bugs have been reported in apartment buildings and other managed properties, office buildings; even commercial bus lines have struggled with this prolific pest. Although once considered a pest problem mainly for hotels, it is clear that these insects are moving out of beds and threatening the reputation of companies throughout Salt Lake City.  

Because there is no indication that the bed bug issue is on its way out, it is vital that your company have a plan in place in the event an infestation occurs in your facilities. Sprague Pest Solutions understands the impact bed bugs can have on the commercial sector and that is why we offer bed bugs services in Salt Lake City that include:

Canine Bed Bug Inspections

Sprague utilizes highly trained bed bug dogs to accurately detect bed bugs in commercial facilities. Not only does their keen sense of smell give our canines an edge in accuracy, they are quicker and more efficient at inspecting a room compared to a bed bug inspection performed by a human. Here’s how our canines can help Salt Lake City businesses:

Proactive Inspections – Early identification allows for quicker, more targeted treatment.

Targeted Inspections – Searches conducted in particular, suspect rooms.

Post-Treatment Inspections – Determines if bed bug have moved beyond treated areas.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

One of the most effective and greenest ways to treat for bed bugs in Salt Lake City businesses has become bed bug heat treatments. The concept behind heat treatments is simple and highly effective: raise the temperature of the infested area to 120 degrees and kill bed bugs including all stages the bed bug life cycle. In just a single treatment and a few hours’ time, facilities can be back in operation.  No odors, no chemicals, and no more bed bugs all in one day!

Bed bug heat treatments are an ideal solution for bed bug infestations in the Salt Lake City area including places such as:

  • hotels

  • apartment complexes

  • condominiums

  • office buildings

  • dormitories on college campuses

  • shelters

  • assisted living facilities

To learn more about commercial bed bug control in Salt Lake City or to find out how Sprague Pest Solutions can help you protect your company’s reputation against the threat of bed bugs, please contact us today.