Sprague Pest Solutions Bed Bug Dog ready to get to work

Our canine bed bug detection team is ready to get to work for you!

Bed bugs are on the rise in cities all across the country, and Salt Lake City, Utah is no exception. These pests come out at night looking for a blood meal and often find it in the inhabitants of beds, biting their sleeping victims numerous times and then retreating to their hiding places when the sun comes up. These little blood suckers can be very difficult to identify because of their nocturnal habits and even more difficult to get rid of. To help you identify a bed bug problem and effectively get rid of it before it takes over your property, Sprague Pest Solutions has canines that are specially trained for detecting bed bug infestations. These dogs are excellent bed bug detectors and our dog June has been working hard to keep Salt Lake City bed bug free.

Why are dogs used as bed bug detectors? Well, dogs have been successfully used by military and law enforcement agencies for many years to smell out drugs, bombs and even missing people. The same ‘scent technology’ is now being used to sniff out bed bugs, and it’s been wildly successful. Our bed bug dog statistics show:

  • K9 bed bug inspections have a 92% accuracy rate for adult, egg stage and nymph stage bed bugs, while human inspection is only 40-60% accurate and that is only in detecting adult bed bugs.
  • K9 bed bug inspections can be completed very quickly, usually in less than 15 minutes. Traditional human inspections can take an hour or longer.
  • K9 bed bug inspections can be conducted iin cluttered areas, and trained bed bug dogs can detect bed bugs that are living under carpet, inside upholstered furniture, inside mattresses and behind baseboards. A human is limited to detecting bed bugs that are in visible areas only.
  • K9 bed bug inspections won’t disrupt a business or a home the same way a human inspection would.  Manual human bed bug inspections require moving furniture, unmaking beds, going through clutter and clothing.  

Bed bugs move around structure very quickly, looking for their next blood meal and breeding very quickly. They can live a year without a bloodmeal and are they are exceptional hitchhikers and hiders. In order to protect your facility from being completely overtaken by these parasites, it’s important for early detection. If you find a bed bug problem early enough, you can most often contain the problem and will save yourself time and energy. At the first sign of bed bug activity, contact the professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions in Utah to learn more about our bed bug canine inspection. Our trained bed bug dog June is ready and anxiously waiting for your call!