Traveling With Bed Bugs

Don't let bed bugs take advantage your busy holiday travel schedule.

With the holiday season in full swing, most of you have probably already made your holiday plans. And whether you are planning to travel to see your family or if you have family coming to stay in your Salt Lake City home, it is important to be prepared to battle bed bugs. These pests will be sure to take advantage of frantic holiday travelers and can easily hitch a ride back to your home.

Bed bugs are most commonly associated with traveling which leaves hotels, airports, airplanes and taxis most susceptible to having bed bugs. All it takes is setting your suitcase on bed bug eggs, or sitting in a seat with an adult bed bug and you could be heading home with more than just your luggage and holiday gifts. Bed bugs are great at hitchhiking and their eggs are quite sticky so without even being aware, many travelers bring bed bugs right into their home.

Avoiding a bed bug infestation in Salt Lake City is possible if you are on alert. When you arrive home, drop the luggage outside or in the garage, weather permitting. You will want to inspect your suitcases for any live bed bugs which resemble an apple seed. Take out all of your clothing and bring it straight to the laundry room. Washing the clothing on the hottest temperature available to the fabrics will ensure that live bed bugs and their eggs are killed. It’s also a good idea to vacuum out your suitcase before you toss it into the closet for the next trip.

Even after the holiday season has come to pass, continue to inspect the rooms of your home for any signs of bed bugs like small blood spots on the sheets, light brown colored skins which are shed as bed bugs grow, live bed bugs, and waking to bed bug bites on the skin. If you happen to notice any of these signs of bed bugs, be sure to notify the pest control professionals right away!

At Sprague Pest Solutions we provide Salt Lake City homes and businesses with the latest in bed bug services so that you do not have to worry about these blood sucking critters taking over. Although bed bugs are not going to cause you any harm, they certainly do not make for a good holiday gift. Please contact Sprague Pest Solutions to learn more about Salt Lake City bed bug control.