Bed Bug Bite Treatments

Bed bug bites can be extremely itchy for some.

Bed bugs can be found just about anywhere these days which means that everyone runs the risk of bed bug bites when they leave home. The good news is that bed bugs do not pose a medical threat because they do not spread disease; just leave itchy red bumps on our skin. Some people do not even have a reaction at all to bed bug bites, which means a bed bug infestation can go completely undetected. But for anyone in Salt Lake City who is experiencing itchy bed bug bites, here are a few tips from the experts in Salt Lake City bed bug control at Sprague Pest Solutions.

Try to avoid scratching. We know, who wants to hear the whole, don’t scratch your really itchy bug bites?! But the problem is that scratching too much can break the skin and open skin is prone to infection. This leads to our next tip...

Apply antiseptic and/or hydrocortisone creams. This will help to prevent any infection from excessive scratching. Children are more prone to problems with bed bug bites because there is less control of the scratching and the skin can be more sensitive to breaking open. To help soothe the itch of bed bug bites, hydrocortisone creams may provide some temporary relief.

Take an antihistamine. Taking an oral antihistamine like Benadryl is another way to help reduce the itching sensation and thus allow the bites to heal faster. Make sure to take as directed though because many antihistamines cause drowsiness.

If you do develop a skin infection or allergic reaction from the bed bug bites, make sure to see your doctor. Most people just experience the itching but for some, bed bug bites can be more severe.

One other point to make is that if you are waking up with bites but your spouse is not, this does not mean you should reject the idea of having bed bugs in your home. Many people assume that you would both have to have bites if you are sleeping in the same bed but this is not true. As previously mentioned, some people show no reaction at all to bed bug bites, which is why one of you may be covered and the other, nothing. Call for a bed bug inspection!

Whether the bed bugs have bitten or not, if you would like to learn more about bed bug control in Salt Lake City including our K9 inspections and bed bug heat treatments, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions. Since bed bugs are great at hiding and can easily hitchhike to the next victim, it is important to get rid of bed bugs as quickly as possible. And besides, no one wants to go to bed wondering if the bed bugs really are going to bite at night!