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Don't let bed bugs ruin your holidays; have your home searched by our K-9 Bed Bug Detection team!

The holidays are a very busy time.  Many people are coming in and out of your home this week, and you are probably going to visit other friends’ and relatives’ homes.  Bed bug activity has greatly increased over the last decade, and they are now very prevalent in Denver, Boulder and throughout Colorado.  Unfortunately, it is possible that you will come into contact with someone who has a bed bug problem this holiday season.  Bed bugs are very small, and are extremely good at avoiding detection.  They could be hiding in many different places throughout your home, including:

  • The seams of your mattress

  • In the cracks and crevices of the walls

  • Behind outlet covers

  • Behind picture frames hung on the wall 

  • In your furniture, such as couch or easy chair cushions

Because of this, you may not know that one of your visitors brought bed bugs into your home until you wake up one morning with nasty red bites.  Don’t wait until it’s too late and you have been infested; be proactive and search your house for the nasty little bugs.

By far the most accurate method of detecting bed bugs is with trained bed bug sniffing dogs.  These dogs are trained in much the same way as drug and bomb detection dogs.  Bed bugs give off a very faint scent that is not detectable by the human nose except in extreme cases.  However, a dog’s nose is much more sensitive than ours, and they can detect both live bugs and eggs.  A thorough inspection of a room can be completed in just two or three minutes. 

EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions provides effective Denver pest control services as well as pest solutions for Aurora, Lakewood and our Colorado service area and we offer highly accurate canine bed bug inspections as well as other bed bug treatments in Denver and the surrounding areas.  Contact us today to schedule your appointment, and have your house searched as soon as your holiday visitors are gone.