Seattle Bed Bug Detecting Dog

Bed bug dogs are an effective way to locate bed bugs in Seattle businesses.

The life of a bed bug sniffing dog may seem easy, just sniff out the bed bugs! But the truth is, just as people teach dogs to do tricks and law enforcement agencies train dogs to find drugs, bombs and cadavers, there is also a very involved training process for dogs to become bed bug sniffing pros. While we’re not suggesting that bed bugs hold that same threat as bombs, a bed bug infestation can be a serious matter for home and business owners and a well-trained dog can really save time, stress and money. That’s why Sprague’s bed bug dogs and their trainers work hard to quickly and accurately detect bed bugs in Seattle.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a certified bed bug sniffing dog? Our canines must become certified with the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) and our handlers must also be certified by a canine master trainer. This is how we can guarantee such a high rate of accuracy (98%) when inspecting your Seattle facility for bed bugs. Our team is trained and ready to go!

Bed bug detecting canines go through intensive training to learn how to sniff out bed bugs in all of their life stages - adults, nymphs, and eggs. Our K9s are trained to do so in a variety of different scenarios and with different distractions as well. This is how they can transition from a hotel room, to an office, with or without people around. No matter how much furniture or clutter, the dogs will have no problem using their nose to inspect the area.

What’s even better is that our teams of bed bug detecting canines have been trained to sit and “point” when they have located the scent of bed bugs rather than barking. This means the bed bug inspection is not only quick (in just 2-3 minutes the canines can inspect a room) but also discreet.

So if you have not already met our canine team at Sprague Pest Solutions, now is the time! Contact us today to schedule your bed bug dog inspection in Seattle or elsewhere in our K9 inspection service area before bed bugs have a chance to settle in and multiply. If we do find these pests in your facility, we can also help to get rid of bed bugs with safe and effective bed bug heat treatments and other bed bug control services.