Bed Bugs After Business Trips

Don't let bed bugs follow you home from your next business trip.

If you’ve just returned from a business trip or a family vacation, you’re probably dreading the thought of unpacking. At Sprague Pest Solutions, we understand your pain, but imagine how much worse the act of unpacking after a great trip is if you find a little brown bug in your suitcase while pulling out your belongings.  At Sprague, our Seattle pest control office gets calls about this all the time.  Someone has just returned after a long trip where they spent several nights at a few different hotels and now they suspect that they’ve brought bed bugs home with them. Awful! They can’t even really be sure where they picked them up, as they spent time on airplanes and in taxis as well as sleeping in several different hotel beds. What can you do if you suspect you’ve picked up bed bugs on your latest vacation? Call Sprague, that’s what! 

What Will We Do? 

If you give us a call upon returning from your trip, we will get our bed bug canine inspectors out to you as soon as possible.  Our trained bed bug dogs in Seattle are the quickest and smartest way to identify live bed bugs and their eggs.  Dogs have an incredible sense of smell; their noses are far more sophisticated than a human nose, which allows them to detect the scent of living bed bugs far easier than any human could. When dogs are properly trained, they can be an extremely useful tool in finding bed bugs.  At Sprague, we were the first in our market to offer these kinds of inspections and our bed bug canine inspection services have been in high demand ever since!  

Let’s say you’ve not quite made it home and there is a rumor of bed bugs at the last hotel you stayed at. This is a great opportunity for you to be proactive about protecting yourself from a potential bed bug problem.  While sitting in the airport waiting for your flight home, give the bed bug control specialists at Sprague a call. We can plan to bring our canine inspectors over to your home when you arrive, even before you begin to unpack your suitcase. In fact, don’t even take your suitcase indoors; leave it outside so that you don’t chance bringing a possible bed bug infestation into your home. Because once these pests are introduced into a property, they can take over pretty quickly.  A bed bug infestation that is confined to the few belongings you have in a suitcase is far easier to control than an infestation that has moved into your home! 

If you’re planning to travel this summer, keep in mind that bed bug problems are on the rise and these pests can be found in even the classiest hotels.  Keep an eye out for these pests and signs of their presence and remember that the professionals at Sprague are available to help you with all your pest problems, including ones you may have brought home from your summer vacation! 

For more information about the bed bug control solutions offered by Sprague including bed bug heat treatments in Seattle, please contact us today. We’d be happy to explain our services or discuss scheduling a bed bug dog inspection or any other kind of pest control inspection for your Seattle home or business.