People in urban environments all over the world have problems with pigeons and other pest birds. The ways in which people deal with these pest birds can vary from location to location, but it is becoming increasingly more prevalent to find natural and ‘humane’ methods to prevent pest birds and the problems that they can cause. In fact, folks in Watford (a town and borough in Hertfordshire, England) have turned to very natural form of pest bird control- a Harris hawk! These hawks are known for being somewhat timid and won’t hunt anything much larger (or faster) than themselves, but they will make urban pigeons and other pest birds feel unwelcome. The particular hawk chosen in Watford is called Angel and has been trained not to hurt the pigeons, but to only scare them away. So would you consider employing a hawk to frighten pest birds away?

Although having a hawk to frighten pest birds away may seem like a good idea, it can get expensive and you have to hire someone to take care of the hawk. This may seem like too much work for commercial facilities, which is why professional pigeon and pest bird control in Seattle is probably best left to the pros at Sprague Pest Solutions. Not only is professional bird control a cost effective alternative to hiring a hawk, it is also a humane and environmentally friendly form of bird control.

Why is it so important to keep pest birds away from your commercial facility? There are many reasons you don’t want these pests infiltrating your space. Probably the first and foremost reason for pest bird control is protecting the health and safety of your employees and customers. Pest birds are known for leaving droppings around and these slick, white piles of bird feces can pose a couple of problems. First, bird feces are known for spreading respiratory diseases. Second, bird feces are known to be caustic, which can cause structural deterioration and third, bird feces are slippery and pose a dangerous hazard to people walking on the ground. In some commercial environments, birds like pigeons and seagulls can cause a disruption to every day practices, especially in an airport. Pest birds are known for being noisy, smelly, disease-spreading pests and they can affect the overall environment of your facility.

So, when it comes to dealing with pigeon problems and the issues caused by other pest birds, don’t start Googling ‘hawks for hire’! Instead we suggest calling in the professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions. Our bird deterrent solutions can help you avoid the health and liability risks that come with birds invading your commercial environment. Our bird exclusion tactics can help you avoid a bird problem too, once the initial population is dispersed. For pigeon and pest bird control in Seattle, Portland and other urban areas, please click here to learn more!