Seattle Hotel Bed Bug Inspection

Detect bed bugs fast with Seattle's bed bug canine inspections.

Just as dogs have proven to be successful in detecting drugs and bombs for crime related events, they are also bringing their keen nose to detecting a very troublesome pest - bed bugs. As bed bug infestations in Seattle businesses continue to be a problem, now more than ever bed bug control and more importantly bed bug detection is of the utmost importance. Since bed bugs can be detrimental to a company’s reputation and image, trained canines have been taking the reins when it comes to bed bug inspections in Seattle businesses.

Why K9s are a better choice for bed bug detection

The biggest advantage that K9s have over humans is their sense of smell. Being able to sniff out both bed bugs and their eggs allows for a highly accurate bed bug inspection. As humans we rely on our sense of sight, which when it comes to tiny bugs that are usually well hidden, we have a serious disadvantage. This is the reason that many Seattle based businesses don’t know they have bed bugs until it has become a more serious infestation; these parasitic insects are elusive.

Bed bug dogs that have been trained to perform inspections are 98% accurate at detecting live bed bugs and even bed bug eggs. Human inspections even by pest control professionals are usually only 40-60% accurate. Another advantage is that K9s work fast. It only takes them on average 2-3 minutes per room to inspect or 20 hotel rooms in just one hour. Not to mention with dogs there is no need to move any furniture or cause any disruptions making K9 bed bug inspections a discreet option.

Protect your business from bed bugs today

If you are looking for peace of mind that your business is bed bug free then give us a call to set up a bed bug canine inspection. In addition to being proactive with routine bed bug inspection, bed bug dogs are also great for follow-ups to make sure that bed bug treatments were successful in getting rid of bed bugs.

No one wants to face the threat that bed bugs have on a business which is why our Seattle pest control professionals (including our four legged team members) at Sprague Pest Solutions are ready to help you maintain a bed bug free business. In addition to our bed bug canine services we also offer comprehensive bed bug programs for the commercial sector including bed bug heat treatments in Seattle, WA as well as elsewhere in our canine inspection service area including Portland, OR. To learn more about our bed bug detection and control options, please give us a call today.