Diagram of the difference betweeen flying ant and swarming termite

Ever seen one of these swarming pests? At first glance swarming termites and flying ants seem to be similar but there are in fact some distinctive differences. If you live or work in Seattle, Salt Lake City, Portland, or throughout Sprague’s large Pacfic Northwest and Intermountain service area, the good news is that the destructive termites are not as much of an issue as many other parts of the country. So if you are seeing swarming insects they are more likely to be ants. But this does not mean you should let the problem slide by.

Swarming insects of any kind are a sign of a colony nearby which means that your commercial facility could quickly become infested. And one destructive pest that is commonly found in our region is the carpenter ant. Unlike pavement ants and other nuisance ants, carpenter ants carve galleries into wood for their nests, leaving a lot of damage behind. And let’s not forget the impact that an insect swarm even without structural damage could have on your business. Your customers will likely associate any spotted pest with a business that is unsanitary. And whether or not that is the case, pests can have a negative impact on your hard earned image and reputation if they get out of hand.

If insects have begun to swarm near or inside of your business facility, it is important to call in the help of your trusted pest control professionals. At Sprague Pest Solutions, we offer  companies peace of mind that their brand is protected and that their facility is free of pests including swarming insects.

To learn more about our commercial pest control services for businesses located in Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City as well as throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions today!