bed bugs found in a salt lake city hotel room

Do you know the signs of a bed bug infestation? We do! Read on to learn more

Bed bugs are an increasing problem nationwide and can seriously affect businesses in the hospitality industry including hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants, and even public transportation companies. Not only could an infestation blemish your reputation, but if bed bugs are left untreated, the cost of remediation greatly increases.

The first step to bed bug prevention is to know what the signs are. Bed bugs in Salt Lake City can be found anywhere on the bed, including on or behind the headboard and frame. They can also be found in walls, behind baseboards and behind hanging mirrors or artwork. In addition, they can also be located on other furniture in an infested room as well as on draperies.  Along with understanding where bed bugs hide, it is important to know the signs of bed bugs because they are nighttime feeders so you are not likely to see any live bugs during the day. Here’s what to look for:

  • blood stains on sheets and the mattress

  • dead bed bugs and also their skins

  • guests complaining of waking to bumps on the skin (bed bug bites)

And while there is plenty of information out there about how to protect yourself from bed bugs, what about when you do find bed bugs? If you have determined or suspect that your Salt Lake City business has bed bugs, first of all take a deep breath, an infestation is treatable, and although an annoyance these blood sucking critters are not known to spread disease or cause any harm aside from itchy bites.

Second, call the Salt Lake City pest control pros straight away. Do-it-yourself treatments are not generally effective and can be dangerous, leaving you with a bigger problem than you started with. Vacuuming and steam cleaning will remove some of the infestation but a specialist will safely and effectively get rid of bed bugs.

And third, make sure to keep all guests and employees out of the infested area. A bed bug response plan is useful so that all staff is aware of the proper quarantine procedures in the event that there is a bed bug sighting. Bed bugs can cling to people and luggage and quickly migrate so it is important to steer clear of any potential infestation.

Remember, the earlier you catch the pest infestation, the easier and less expensive the treatment. And let’s not forget that early detection of bed bugs is going to reduce the negative impact it could have on your business including potential litigation matters. To learn more about Sprague Pest Solutions comprehensive bed bug solutions in Salt Lake City including bed bug heat treatments and client learning programs, please contact us today.