sparrows threaten businesses in washington

Nobody, customer or employee, likes to have bird droppings land on them. Nor does anyone, that we know of, like having their children play where birds have priorly congregated and for good reason! Did you know that pest birds, like sparrows, can create dangerous and costly issues for commercial facilities in many different ways? Here is how:

  • They can cause unsightly marks on the exterior of buildings with their droppings

  • Surfaces can become slippery from their excrement

  • They can create damage to buildings by nesting on them

  • Pest birds also have the potential to disrupt ideal sanitation and quality in products in warehouses and factories

  • Hazardous health risks of sickness, infection and disease are also present with pest birds as their droppings can contaminate the air, water sources, and food sources.

Birds like areas where they can find food, shelter and water. Trees, plants, flowers, and fountains will all appeal to them. Pest birds also find open beams to be an inviting and cozy place to nest and roost. You can lessen their presence by taking a few steps.

  • Keep water, food and potential shelter to a minimum

  • Make sure doors are closed as much as possible

  • Move dumpsters as far from the building and exits as possible

While these steps may help lessen the amount of sparrows or other pest birds that you may be dealing with, nothing works as well as a call to a professional pest solutions company. At Sprague Pest Solutions we have a permanent bird control service that is sure to help you achieve and maintain a pest bird free environment. We use only the most current, effective products available, including landing deterrents, spring wire, netting and traps. We will also work with you to lessen the attractions that bring birds to your property. Bird pest control for your business can be as simple as calling Sprague Pest Solutions for our permanent bird control program!