a spider and egg sac in portland oregon

Don't let spiders drive away your valuable customers; call Sprague today!

Any pest is a threat to businesses. Even if they do not pose a threat to health or property, their presence alone can cause a disturbance and lead to problems. Spiders are just one of the many pests that have the ability to ruin or tarnish the image and reputation company’s work hard to establish and maintain.  

Crawling spiders and their webs are definite eye sores for commercial facilities and some spiders such as the aggressive house spider, the black widow and the hobo spider have the potential to cause trouble to commercial facilities in the areas of Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Portland. Here are the problems with such spiders being inside or outside of your business:

  • Spiders create unsightly webs which will turn customers away

  • They can lay eggs and create a larger pest problem

  • They can lead to quite a fright when spotted

  • Some spiders have a venomous bite which can land some victims in the hospital

Although spiders are not aggressive in nature, they can bite if they feel threatened and could pose a threat to the health of employees and customers.  Also, run ins with spiders may drive some customer right out the door.  So in order to avoid such occurrences from happening it is best to keep your facility spider free.

One of the best methods to getting rid of spiders and their unsightly webs is sweeping the outside of the building. A special broom is used to reach windows, eaves, and siding where spiders are likely to reside. By removing the webs you will greatly reduce the risk of spiders making their way inside the facility.   

For businesses located in Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Portland, Sprague Pest Solutions offers spider control services that will not only get rid of the existing spiders but also help to prevent future ones from crawling in. If you are done letting spiders threaten your business then please contact us today. One of our friendly technicians will be able to inspect your business and remove the threat of spiders.