large spider in a sink in a denver home

If you are seeing an increase in the number of spiders in your Denver home this summer, call Sprague!

Just as we are out and about enjoying the warm Colorado days, so are the spiders. With ample food supply during the summer, spiders are taking advantage of the high insect levels. And although they are generally found outside, food and shelter are typically what sends spiders in Colorado indoors. Often times the attic, basement, or other storage spaces provide the perfect, secluded shelter spiders are attracted to and if there are plenty of insects around to feed on they will thrive.

The most common species of spiders found in Colorado are:

  • The house spider

  • The rock spider

  • The wolf spider

  • The black widow spider

While none of these spiders are aggressive towards humans, if they feel threatened or if you accidentally move them from their home, they may try to bite. And the bite of a black widow is going to be more painful than other species because they have a neurotoxin as their venom. In some extreme cases people suffer serious allergic reactions to the bite of a black widow and may require medical attention.

In order to help keep your home free of spiders, follow these spider control tips for the home:

  • Seal off all cracks, holes, and crevices on the exterior of the home

  • Make sure all screens are intact with no damages or tears

  • Remove clutter from storage spaces so spiders cannot hide there

  • Store belongings in rubber bins to keep the spiders out

If spiders are already a problem in or around your home, EnviroPest By Sprague Pest Solutions can help!  We offer effective home pest control services in Denver and Boulder as well as surrounding areas that are designed to eliminate spider problems as well as the other household insects that attract them. Simply contact us today and our knowledgeable pest control pros will be at your home in no time at all, making sure that your home is spider free!