Spider Control In Portland Businesses

Spider control is equally as important for commercial facilities as it is in homes.

Homes in our area tend to have troubles with invading spiders, but could these arachnids become a problem in your business? The answer is yes! Spiders in Oregon, Washington and Utah all find their way into commercial facilities at one time or another. Spiders in a commercial facility can become a problem when they enter in large numbers; having them in your facility also is proof that there are other insects inside your facility, as spiders may be looking for their prey within your walls. The best way to get rid of spiders in your facility is through professional commercial pest control services provided by Sprague Pest Solutions! But if you are ready to act now to prevent a spider population in your property, follow these tips from our Portland pest control pros.

  • Remove anything from around the exterior of your structure. This includes limiting vegetation and cutting back tree branches and shrubs.

  • Make sure that storage containers located outdoors are stacked up and off the ground.

  • Remove lighting from around entry and exit doors if possible. If you can’t remove the lighting, install sodium vapor lighting instead to attract fewer insects.

  • Examine the exterior of the structure for any possible entry points or gaps in the exterior; close these gaps up to eliminate pest entry points.

  • Remove clutter from inside your facility. With clutter, spiders and other pests can find lots of hiding places, so remove these hiding places to deter spider and other pest activity.

  • Remove spiders and their webs if you see them inside your property to help deter more spider activity.

These tips should reduce the populations of spiders as well as other insects that make it into your commercial facility. Because spiders create unsightly webs, their presence can deter customers and because some people are afraid of these arachnids, they can cause stress and anxiety for your employees and customers. Poisonous spiders in our area can cause significant problems should they deliver a venomous bite; these bites often require medical attention and for some people can even become life threatening.

To get rid spiders if they do happen to become a problem in your commercial facility, contact the Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions. Our spider control services will get rid of your existing spider populations as well as help prevent more spiders from making their way into your property. Protect your product, your reputation and your brand by partnering with a pest management professional today and you will find the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is protected from spiders, ants, flies, rodents and other pests that will damage your bottom line.