KREM News in Spokane Top Story: Bed Bug Canine Inspection Service

Dog sniffs out bed bugs before they bite you

10:31 PM PDT on Monday, September 29, 2008

SPOKANE -- They prefer to feed on a human host.

Will Mueller/KREM 2

April specializes in sniffing out bed bugs.

A resting body at night under the warm covers of a mattress makes a great place to feed.

So it's only natural that home won't be too far away from the place where the human body rests.

Bed Bugs!

Keith Rowney is the Special Projects Manager of Sprague Pest Solutions.

He said a world-wide infestation of Bed Bugs is on the move.

For his part, his company has employed the services of 'April' a K-9 sniffing bed bug artists who has been instrumental at helping some local hotels and apartment complexes terminate the pests.

Bed bugs are most commonly found in dormitories, hotels and multi-family housing.