mouse found in a restaurant in seattle wa

Follow these simple tips from Sprague to help keep rodents out of your business for good

In order for rodents including mice and rats to thrive in an environment, they require food, water, and shelter. Rodents are considered commensal creatures because they rely on humans in order to survive and thrive.  The trouble is that rodents are a major health and safety hazard for business facilities. By eliminating the essential elements rodents need, you can protect your facility and the people who frequent it.  To assist commercial facilities in Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Portland, the pest control experts at Sprague would like to share some information to keep facilities rodent free.


If a rodent does not have a food source they will not likely spend time in your facility. By removing their sources of food you will be greatly reducing the risk of them infesting your facility and contaminating your food surfaces.

  • Removing trash on a regular basis both inside and at the dumpster.

  • Implementing sanitation efforts (such as cleaning up crumbs and spills) that eliminate food sources.

  • Sanitizing food preparation areas.


Remove all water sources that attract rodents to your facility.  This can be accomplished by:  

  • Repairing any leaks.

  • Eliminating standing water inside and outside of your facility.

  • Correcting poor ventilation in order to stop excess moisture.


If your facility provides suitable harborages for mice and rats, they must be addressed.  You can be well on your way to excluding rodents out of your facility by:

  • Sealing off all entry points no matter how small on the exterior of the facility.

  • Eliminating debris from piling up such as cardboard.

  • Keeping facility doors (including bay doors) closed when not in use.   

For more information on rodent prevention or rodent control services for your place of business, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions today. We service the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions including Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Portland