Summers in the Pacific Northwest are a great time to get outdoors for a hike, bike ride, go on a camping trip or to take in a Mariners game at Safeco Field. The Sprague Pest Experts enjoy all of these activities when we aren’t hard at work preventing unwanted pests from invading your business.

Many pests prefer to spend their summer attempting to gain access to your facility and take advantage of the food, water and harborage it offers. Why can’t they just go on vacation like everyone else?

From hospitality accounts like restaurants and hotels with outdoor dining areas to food warehousing and manufacturing facilities where summer’s heat causes doors and windows to remain open, opportunistic pests are always waiting to gain access.
Some of the pests that thrive in the summer include:

  • Ants

  • Birds

  • Flies

  • Rodents

  • Stinging Insects

How can you keep summer pests from wreaking havoc in and around your facility this summer? The Sprague Pest Experts suggest the following:

  • Be Proactive. Don’t let pests get the jump on you this summer – have a plan. If you are a property manager, talk with tenants about their plans for pest management services and make suggested sanitation and exclusion recommendations. If you are a QA manager at a food processing facility meet with your staff and discuss what preventive steps need to be taken.

  • Do Your Homework. Homework in the summer? Yes! Know your facility’s history with pest pressures (where, when, how many) and correct potential pest conducive conditions. If you see signs of pest infestation, mention these to the Sprague Pest Experts right away.

  • Focus on Good Sanitation Practices. Clean up outdoor patio dining areas, frequently empty garbage and recycling bins, and don’t let excessive moisture (i.e. moisture from air conditioning units) build up.

  • Build Them Out. Keep pests out of your facility through exclusion practices including replacing torn window and ventilation screens, installing door sweeps and air doors, eliminating non-essential exterior lighting, and maintaining your landscape.

If you don’t want pests to spoil your summer, send us an e-mail at info@spraguepest.com. We will get back with you right away with information on how to protect your facility and let you enjoy the season.


The Sprague Pest Experts