Sven, the Twitter king of the rodent community along Seattle’s waterfront, has been busy waging his Twitter battle with Bertha, the hulking digging machine, and it’s apparent these two just don’t see eye to eye.

Rodent activity continues to rise in the “pest impact zone” where preparations for the tunnel project are in full swing and it’s not all good news for Sven and the gang.

The Sprague Pest Experts have seen an 83% increase in rodent activity from October 2012 through March 2013 versus the same period a year ago. With the tunnel digging scheduled to commence this summer, those numbers will likely rise as Bertha disturbs well-entrenched rodent burrows and sends Sven and friends scrambling for a new home.

Sven’s plight has been in the news lately – it even made the Wall Street Journal – and proactive business owners and property managers are taking preventive steps to keep him and his disease-carrying friends out.

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