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In the midst of the summer season and warmer weather, you may be noticing an increase in the buzzing of stinging insects. One species in particular, the honey bee is actually a highly beneficial species. While classified as a stinging insect, and still capable of painful stings, honey bees are actually quite beneficial in the natural world.

  • Honey bees are great pollinators and responsible for the pollination of over 90 fruits and vegetables worldwide as well as nuts and flowers. Without honey bees, crops and the entire ecosystem would be thrown off.

  • Honey bees are also responsible for making millions of pounds of honey which we all enjoy as a sweet treat. Honey also has medicinal healing properties which makes it even more beneficial.

  • Beeswax is another product we enjoy thanks to honey bees. Beeswax has many benefits and is used to make candles, lip balm, and medicinal salves.  

  • Bee pollen is also collected and used medicinally to treat for many ailments including male prostate problems and helping to stimulate immunity function.

Clearly, honey bees have earned their right in our world with their many great benefits. It is important to keep in mind that while this species is highly useful, they are also capable of causing painful stings if provoked. In more severe cases, bee stings may cause allergic reactions that require emergency medical care.  

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