Bed Bug History

Bed bugs have gone from medicinal healing to major pest status over the years.

We know they are in our homes, schools and libraries today, but where did bed bugs come from? The history of bed bugs is somewhat of a mystery to many people because these pests have come and gone more than once. So whether you have battled a bed bug infestation in the past or if you are simply curious about the pests responsible for the nighttime phrase “don’t let the bed bugs bite”, here is a brief history of bed bugs.

Bed bugs have been noted all the way back to ancient times in Greece, as early as 400 BC. There are records that show bed bugs were actually used for medicinal purposes in ancient times, including treating ailments from ear infections to snake bites.

Not everyone welcomed bed bugs though, because we also know that there were some more traditional methods devised for killing these pests. People used plants, fungi and other insects to control bed bugs. Things like black pepper, infused oils and even tobacco were just some of the ways in which people prior to the 19th century were able to get rid of bed bugs.

Bed bugs were commonplace up until the 20th century and a report in 1933 stated that most households had bed bugs to some degree. But after the widespread use of pesticides became available, bed bugs took a break and seemed to disappear for the most part. But we now know they probably didn’t disappear but rather went dormant for a period of time.

Flash forward to the present. Bed bugs have surely made a comeback. Due to bans on many pesticides which were believed to have contributed to their absence, increased international travel and an increased resistance, bed bugs are showing up just about anywhere. The problem is that we are unknowingly allowing bed bugs to latch onto our clothing and bags so they are able to travel back to our homes, to hotel rooms, to taxis and even the local movie theater!

Today’s best defense against bed bug infestations is a thorough inspection from pest professionals or a canine team of bed bug detecting dogs followed by conventional chemical treatments or thermal remediation, also known as bed bug heat treatments.

While pest control professionals are fully equipped to battle even the worst of bed bug infestations, it does not seem to phase these blood sucking pests who continue to be showing up at alarming rates. They may not be spreading disease but they are causing undue stress and bed bug bites along the way.

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