Pigeon in Portland Facility

If birds are nesting on your facility, be sure to contact the bird control team at Sprague.

At first thought pigeons may seem like just another common bird found mainly in urban areas. But the truth is that pigeons are most known for their pest status and causing some major problems for businesses in Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City. If you are not aware of the threat that pest birds including pigeons can have on your company’s facilities, image and reputation, it is time to learn about the problem with pigeon infestations.

  1. Bird droppings are not only unsightly but can cause people to slip and fall.

  2. Bird waste also causes construction materials to wear down.

  3. Pest bird infestations can lead to equipment damage or failure.

  4. Bird feces contain spores and can cause airborne illness, disease and many other health problems in humans.

  5. Pest birds may introduce further pest problems like fleas and ticks.

  6. Birds are an unsightly addition to your facility and can turn customers away.

  7. Once birds have begun to nest in a particular location, they will continue to nest there for subsequent generations.

Clearly, when it comes to pigeons nesting in, on, or around your business facility, there is not much good that will come of it. Pest birds are a threat to the safety and success of your business, which is why at Sprague Pest Solutions we offer pest bird control services to get rid of pigeons and bird exclusion techniques for long-term protection against these and other pest birds.

A few things that your facility can do to prevent bird infestations is to keep the doors of the facility closed and eliminate sources of food, water and nesting sites on the outside of the facility. But for more information on bird control in Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City as well as elsewhere in Sprague’s large service area, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions today. Our team is ready to help get rid of pigeons before they disturb you, your employees and customers.