Ratpocalypse In Seattle

Pest proof your Seattle business to weather the Ratpocalypse.

With tunnel construction in the works, business owners near the SR 99 Viaduct and up the hills of Seattle are noticing a major increase in pests including rats, mice and roaches. The best way to survive what is being called the Ratpocalypse (and come out with a clean reputation) is to be proactive! Businesses in Seattle will have to take extra steps to prevent the influx of pests in their facilities. And here to help offer up some pest prevention tips are the Seattle pest control professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions.

Seal off exterior entry points. Cracks, holes, utility openings or any other openings on the exterior of your facility could welcome pests into your business. It does not take a large opening for a rat to squeeze through so it is important to seal off any openings that you can see with caulking or pest protective screens.

Develop and maintain good sanitation practices. Trash should be taken out the facility each day and the dumpsters should be kept well away from the doors of the facility. In addition, make sure to keep food, grease and spills cleaned up in order to reduce food particles that rodents are always after.

Repair leaky pipes and other plumbing or moisture issues. Water attracts rodents so leaky pipes on the inside or outside of your facility could welcome an infestation of rats, mice, or even roaches. Be proactive and have the pipes and plumbing inspected to fix any small leaks now, before they become a bigger problem.

Do not let up on your pest proofing efforts. Stay vigilant! Construction will be going on for a while which means these pests are going to continuously be looking for refuge around the city. It is important to stay strict and proactive with your pest proofing endeavors.

In addition to these pest proofing tips to get through the Seattle Ratpocalypse, we highly recommend signing up for a pest management program. Our commercial pest control in Seattle includes regular inspections, monitoring, and preventative treatments to help reduce the threat of rats, mice, roaches and many other common pests all year long. Now more than ever, commercial pest control services will save you from future pest threats.

So before you find yourself in the midst of a rat infestation, give us a call at Sprague Pest Solutions! We are here to help protect your hard earned image and reputation, even through the Ratpocalypse with the ongoing SR 99 tunnel project. While some may suffer with rodent infestations during this tunnel construction, your business does not have to!