Did you know there are more than 14,600 licensened inpatient hospital beds in the state of Washington? Add in assisted living facilities, urgent care clinics and other healthcare facilities and there a lot of places where people who aren’t feeling up to snuff are being cared for.

Improving the health of patients is the job of doctors, nurses and health care providers, but protecting healthcare facilities from unwanted pests is the job of the Sprague Pest Experts.

When it comes to pests and healthcare facilities, let’s just say pests try their hardest to use up all of their deductible to get admitted! Healthcare facilities provide ample opportunities for pests to make a nuisance of themselves.

The abundance of warmth, shelter, water, food, bright lighting, and odors can make healthcare facilities very attractive to a variety of pests.

What pests are most commonly found in and around healthcare facilities? The following is a list of the “Fearsome Pest Fivesome”

  • Rodents – Always foraging for food, rats and mice can be found in and around loading docks, dumpsters and recycling bins, and food preparation areas.

  • FliesFlies love light and the bright, continuous lighting near healthcare facility entrances are a magnet for fly activity.

  • Cockroaches – Grease traps in kitchens, deliveries of supplies, and the warmth of the hospital laundry are prime spots for a cockroach consultation.

  • Bedbugs – Easily brought in on patient, staff or vendor clothing or backpacks and briefcases, these annoying pests are often found in emergency room waiting rooms and can make their way to patient rooms quite easily.

  • Birds – Roof ledges and large electric signs above visitor and patient entrances and loading docks are ideal locations for pest birds to do their damage with disease laden droppings.

Keeping healthcare facilities pest-free is a vital part of the day-to-day operations of the facility. The Sprague Pest Experts have extensive experience working in sensitive accounts where detailed documentation and precise, IPM based treatment protocols are the name of the game.

If the threat of pests in a healthcare facility is making you ill, send us an e-mail at We’ll be happy to get back with you with more information on how to maintain a bed bug-free environment.

See the April Sprague Pest Experts newsletter for more information on how we service healthcare facilities.


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