Bed Bug Bites On Back

With so much information about bed bugs out there, don't get caught up in the myths.

Bed bugs are back. Actually they’ve been back for several years and in their quest for world domination (slight exaggeration) they’ve created a lot of confusion. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of advice on bed bugs these days. In fact, just Googling “bed bugs” yields about 26,300,000 search results in less than 20 seconds. That’s a lot of information. So how do you decipher what’s valuable in terms of preventing, identifying and/or treating bed bugs and what should be discarded? We’re glad you asked! As a longtime pest control provider serving Boise, Seattle and the entire Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions, Sprague Pest Solutions know a little something about this pest and are here to help you separate fact from fiction.

Bed bugs are only found in the bed. It seems logical but the answer is no. While bed bugs do visit beds (that’s usually where they find their next meal) they don’t necessarily camp out there. In fact, during the day bed bugs are less active and will avoid detection by hiding under carpets, behind hanging artwork, in furniture seams or even in electrical outlets. So while you should definitely inspect your bed at home or the beds at your hotel for bed bugs, branch out a little and inspect the nightstand, other furniture and the hiding spots we just mentioned.

Bed bugs are a sign of a dirty home or business. Simply, not true. Bed bugs are equal opportunity infesters. Really bed bugs care about one thing only and that is human blood to feed on. Homes and lodgings (regardless of whether they are pristine or lacking in cleanliness) that provide a food source are prime targets for an infestation. It is important to note though, cluttered rooms are more likely to see worse bed bug problems because they have the ability to remain undetected for a longer period of time.

You have to get rid of all furniture after an infestation. Wrong again. Although we do not recommend purchasing furniture from a second hand store because it is unknown whether or not the previous owner had bed bugs or if the furniture was treated, it does not mean that your own furniture has to get thrown out after an infestation has been identified. Today’s bed bug heat treatments are effective at killing bed bugs in all life stages, even the insects that hide out inside furniture and mattresses. We should note that though DIY bed bug control products may temporarily alleviate a problem they will not eliminate an infestation and so throwing out furniture is a waste of time, as the bugs will just infest the new ones too. Until a room or area is properly treated bed bugs will continue to infest furniture.

Waking up to red bites means I have bed bugs. While this is certainly one of the signs of a bed bug infestation, you must take into account the whole slew of other insects bite. Spiders, mosquitoes, certain types of beetles, and other pests could be to blame for itchy red bites. Your best bet is to schedule a bed bug inspection for confirmation.

For all of your bed bug questions including bed bug inspections, treatment options and prevention tips, please contact us at Sprague. We provide comprehensive bed bug services to both homes and businesses in Boise, Idaho as well as throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions and are ready to help you get rid of bed bugs!