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It is spring time! This is the time of the year that you see an increase in pests that can affect your commercial business. Some pest such as ants, termites, stinging insects and rodents can be a year round problem. Even though this is the case, you will still see increased activity in the spring. This increased activity will show you where you need to address some attention.

As a business owner, you do not need to be told how a pest problem can be viewed by customers. You have worked hard at developing your reputation and you know that it can change quickly with the appearance of mice, cockroaches or ants. Commercial pest control is a crucial and necessary step in preserving a business’ good reputation.

There are several things that can be done to help prevent attracting pests in your business. From problem areas inside to outside maintenance, here is a list of helpful pest prevention tips for your business:

  • Keep employee break area clean
  • Keep all food in airtight containers
  • Be sure any leftover food is thrown out daily
  • Do not keep open chips, crackers or mugs and cups at the desk
  • Do not leave dirty dishes overnight in a sink
  • Be sure trash is removed daily
  • Keep work areas clear of clutter
  • Regularly recycle discarded cardboard and paper
  • Make sure inside and outside water faucets are not leaking. Water attracts many pests.
  • Be sure any cracks in the outside foundations or any insulation around incoming plumbing is sealed

If your business is in Portland, Seattle or Salt Lake City, you have Sprague Pest Control to count on! With over 85 years of professional pest control experience, Sprague Pest Control are qualified to evaluate your business’ pest needs. We will then create a customized plan that addresses your specific needs. We have worked in a variety of industries using a proven method. Our BrandSmart Pest™ program integrates proven pest control techniques to eliminate any current problem. At the same time, this specialized program will provide a barrier against any future pest infestations. You can rest assured your experience with Sprague Pest Control is of utmost importance to us and that we will work hard to help you achieve and maintain a pest free environment. For all your spring pest control needs give us a call today!