Bed Bugs In The News

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2012 was a big year for bed bugs, and not in a good way. These pests have continued to spread to homes and businesses across the country, stirring up some serious media attention. Here are the top 3 bed bug new stories from the past year.

Bed bugs make their appearance in libraries. Looks like e-books may be the best way to read that brand new novel or even your favorite classics. Bed bugs have been found in many libraries across the country and are finding their way into homes via library books. It’s the perfect set up really - bed bugs hitch a ride to your home and while you are reading at night, they make their way out of the book seams and into your bed. Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs from your library books bite! Click here to read more on how libraries are dealing with bed bug infestations. 

Chicago takes the not so exciting lead by being the number one bed bug infested city. Each year the dreadful list is released which shows the top 50 cities that are the most bed bug infested and in 2012, Chicago moved into this number one spot. Click here to find out how your city ranks (if it does) or to see the entire list of top bed bug cities. 

Do-it-yourself bed bug treatment ends with an entire apartment complex in flames. A lady from Kentucky who found bed bugs in her apartment decided to douse the infested couch in alcohol. Although her assumption was that the alcohol would kill all of the bed bugs, what happened next was not part of the plan. A dropped cigarette ignited the couch, and entire apartment complex, displacing over 30 residents in the building. Thankfully, everyone made it out but it proves that bed bug control is always best left to the pros. To read the entire story, click here

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