Ashley Mannello
Sprague Pest Solutions
Effects of Weather on Pests

Pests are affected by the weather just as humans are. There are environmental conditions that energize them and present more pleasurable conditions for living, along with seasons that encourage them to be less active.

On a general whole, extreme cold or heat is detrimental to the health of pests. Mild winters do not harm them, but provide a time of nesting and less activity. Moderate warmth is truly the most beneficial temperature. This type of weather supplies moisture in the air and gives off healthy energy. Insects, such as ants, cockroaches and flies, become stronger and their life cycles are smoother. Birds are able to enjoy longer periods of exercise and use the time to mate. Rats and mice, about this time, are just coming out of their reproductive period and are ready to travel farther and expand their territory.

Not only is the warmth pleasant, but it provides the perfect opportunity to gather easy food. During this time, restaurants are accommodating their guests by setting up available dining on patios. Insects effortlessly climb up tables and birds have easy access from roofs and other overhangs. Many businesses and homes also provide attractions like open windows and doors. These are extremely inviting to rodents and encourage them to come in and rummage for food or nesting places. The abundance of these creatures may also seem greater simply because people are out in the same places and able to see them.

The weather is a great catalyst for the increase in pest presence, especially when coupled with the food, water and space we make available. During the warm months, it is best to focus on consistent sanitation and exclusion techniques. These are the keys to keeping rodents, birds and insects out of our living space. Contact Sprague for more information.