GreenPro Certification

Sprague's GreenPro certification shows our effort to keep homes and the environment a safer place.

A common concern that homeowners face when it comes to pest management is choosing a company that is both experienced and professional. We are talking experience in the pest treatments, knowledge of the pests and always an effort to use the least amount of chemical to remain environmentally friendly. When the health and well being of the environment as well as your own family is at stake, only the best in pest control is tolerated. Thankfully the National Pest Management Association has a GreenPro Certification which holds the highest standards in the pest management industry. And at Sprague Pest Solutions and EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions, we are proud to be GreenPro certified!

GreenPro is the most widely recognized set of service standards in the industry. It tells homeowners that the pest control company and it’s pest professionals will act in the most environmentally responsible way in every instance. There are many components to being GreenPro Certified; here are a few of the criteria:

  • Participating companies are evaluated based on their business activities.

  • Companies are required to submit reports and audits in order to prove the GreenPro standards.

  • All pest technicians, salespeople and managers are trained and continuously re-certified to keep up with quality service.

If you are looking for the very best in pest control, you can trust that Sprague’s GreenPro Certification will help deliver the safest and most effective pest control practices to help keep you, your family and the environment safe. In today’s world where conservation of resources is high priority, pest control services must follow suit.

To learn more about Sprague’s GreenPro certification including our pest control services for homeowners in Colorado, Boise, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Portland and throughout our Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region service area, give us a call today!