Green Pest Control In The Pacific Northwest

Even pest control is going green!

Homes and businesses across the country are turning to eco-friendly products, reusable shopping bags, and health conscious food choices to help do their part in making the world a healthier place. Even pest control services are shifting to be more environmentally responsible as consumers and business owners alike are more conscious about reducing the need for pesticides. Green pest control takes into account a few different factors including a strong emphasis on pest prevention and also the use of more environmentally friendly pest control products.

At Sprague Pest Solutions, we are committed to being environmentally responsible by finding effective pest control solutions that have minimal environmental impact. Traditional pest control services were more reactive and thus relied more heavily on the use of pesticides to get rid of pest infestations. But today, through Integrated Pest Prevention (IPP) techniques as well as solutions that are made of naturally occurring materials and processes, business owners in Seattle, Salt Lake City, Portland and throughout our Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region service area can enjoy a pest free facility with the least amount of impact on the environment.

If you are interested in green pest control services for your business, please contact us today!