Bed Bugs And Traveling

Traveling? Here are some of your most frequently asked questions about bed bugs.

Headed out on a vacation or business trip soon? Then you may have some questions about bed bugs. These pests are excellent travelers themselves and know how to hitch a ride without being noticed. Bed bugs can be carried on luggage, personal belongings and even the clothing on your back without your realizing it, so it’s no wonder that they have the ability to spread far and wide. The professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions know you have questions about bed bugs while traveling, so we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive in regards to bed bugs. Here are out answers to these FAQs about bed bugs while traveling!

Q: If there are bed bugs in my hotel bed, can they get in my hair?

A: Yes, bed bugs may get into your hair, but they aren’t especially happy there. They are looking for an open area of skin to feed on and they aren’t very good at navigating through your hair. In fact, there have been studies that show that people with more body hair are less attractive to bed bugs.

Q: Some companies are selling ‘sleep sacks’ as a travel accessory. Would these be helpful to prevent bed bug bites?

A: We think this is unlikely. Bed bugs are pretty tiny and could easily find a way into the sleep sack; they also could probably feed directly through the sleep sack, if the material is thin enough. To prevent being fed on during the night by bed bugs, always inspect your hotel bed before getting inside; you will want to check for bed bugs around the mattress, box spring and headboards. You will also want to look for blood fecal spots that appear like little brown splotches on bed linens; these are sure signs that bed bugs are present.

Q: Do standard pest repellents work on bed bugs?

A: No, unfortunately they do not. Insect repellents that contain DEET, picaridin and oil of lemon eucalyptus are ineffective against bed bugs and bed bug eggs. Even if they did work, you’d have to spray every single one of your belongings with these chemicals regularly, which would be detrimental to your health. The only way to prevent picking up bed bugs while traveling is to stay aware that you can encounter these pests anywhere. Keep your belongings on your lap while traveling in public transportation, always inspect your hotel room for bed bugs before bringing in your luggage and know the signs of bed bugs so that you can recognize an infestation before you put yourself in a position where you may end up inadvertently picking them up.

Although bed bugs can be picked up while travelling, they have also been found in movie theaters, libraries and retail stores, which means you can pick them up in any public place. If you suspect you have brought bed bugs home with you, the best thing you can do is contact the professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions. Our bed bug inspections can help identify a bed bug problem and then we can offer you bug control in Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City to help get rid of the problem.

For commercial pest control in Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City, look no further than Sprague Pest Solutions. We offer bed bug control for the commercial sector to help inspect and eliminate bed bugs and their eggs; call us today for more information on our commercial pest control services!