Bed Bug Control Portland

Before traveling, be sure you are educated on bed bugs and bed bug control.

A couple of weeks ago, the pros at Sprague Pest Solutions answered a few of your questions in regards to bed bugs while travelling. Click here to review our previous blog on bed bugs and travel. Since then, we’ve heard from a few more of you with even more questions to answer! Here is part 2 of the bed bug FAQs answered by the professionals in bed bug control in Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City.

Q: My family is going on a cruise soon; should I be worried about bed bugs on the ship?

A: Bed bugs are an increasing problem all over the world, so no matter where you rest your head (on the high seas or in your own bed at home), it would be prudent to check for bed bugs. Just like any hotel room, we would suggest you check the room thoroughly for bed bugs. Sometimes it can be helpful to bring a flashlight and a magnifying glass with you to help you better see these tiny pests. You want to do whatever is necessary to make sure that your room is free from bed bugs before you bring in your belongings. If you do find bed bugs, you will need to request a room far from the infested room, to be sure that the bed bugs have not spread there.

Q: When traveling, would a disinfectant spray kill bed bugs in my bed?

A: Probably not, unless you attacked the bugs directly with the spray. Once it dries, the residual disinfectant would have no effect against bed bugs. The best option for killing bed bugs is through the use of a bed bug heat treatment; this treatment warms the room to a temperature where bed bugs and bed bug eggs can no longer survive. With a bed bug heat treatment, the room can be free of live bed bugs and their eggs within 24 hours.

Q: Do bed bugs infest all motels, or just the inexpensive ones?

A: This is a good question! Bed bugs aren’t picky; they don’t care if you get a chocolate on your pillow or if there is complimentary turn down service. They will infest a five star rated room in a swanky resort just as easily as they will infest a one or two star rated room in a run-down motel. Bed bugs are not the result of a sanitation issue; they can be present in even the cleanest building. While it is true that reducing areas of clutter can help you identify a bed bug problem more quickly, it won’t help eliminate a bed bug problem. It is important then whenever you stay in a hotel (no matter the nightly room rate) you check the room over for bed bugs first. This is the only way you can be sure that the room is free from these biting insects.

After you return from traveling, if you suspect you’ve picked up bed bugs on your journeys, it is best to give us a call right away. We can inspect your belongings before you take them into your home to help prevent spreading the problem from your luggage to your house. Sometimes you have no reason to suspect bed bugs during your travels, but you may start to notice signs of bed bugs once you return home. At this point we can come to your home and inspect your belongings either with a knowledgeable bed bug control technician or with the trained nose of a bed bug detecting canine. We can offer control solutions should we discover bed bugs, so that you can rest peacefully at night without the worry of bed bugs.

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