Pest Control For Businesses in Seattle

Don’t keep the open sign up for pests.

Commercial facilities deal with many different kinds of pests; these pests can be damaging to product, to a structure and to your reputation. These pests come into your facility for a variety of reasons and the Seattle pest control pros at Sprague have over 85 years of experience in recognizing the conditions and environments that may be attracting pests. To reduce the instances of pests like rodents, pantry pests, flies and cockroaches, you must remove the conditions that attract them in the first place.

  • Pest like rodents are attracted to areas of clutter, cardboard boxes and areas with ample food supply. Removing areas for these pests to harbor and restricting access to food sources (including food crumbs and spills) can keep your facility from being a comfortable environment for rodents like mice and rats.

  • Perform a deep clean on all your equipment regularly. Especially for food processing facilities , flies may breed in food debris and when it builds up on your machines and equipment, your environment becomes more attractive to pests.

  • Install sodium vapor lighting around the exterior of your facility. For restaurant pest control, this can reduce the number of insects that are attracted to your property in the evening hours during dinner service.

  • Cut back vegetation so that it doesn’t touch your facility; you can also install a barrier of crushed rock or gravel directly around your property. This can help keep insects and rodents away by creating a barrier between any outside vegetation and your facility.

  • Make sure that outdoor trash bins and containers are emptied regularly. This should be done more than once a week; several times a week is good during the colder months of the year while we recommend trash removal daily during the warmer months.

These commercial pest control tips can help prevent pests from entering your property and can remedy the conditions inside your property that are attractive to pests. If you own a commercial facility and are looking for effective commercial pest control to eliminate pests and the conditions that attract them, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today. Our commercial pest control solutions can help protect your product, your facility, your employees and your brand, safeguarding the reputation that you’ve worked so hard to build. Contact us today for more information on our commercial pest control services in Seattle, Salt Lake City, Portland and throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions.