signs of bed bugs on a utah hotel mattress

Sprague offers effective bed bug solutions for homes and businesses in Salt Lake City

When it comes to a bed bug infestation, there is not just one treatment fits all. Depending upon the severity of the infestation and the location amongst many other factors, there are a few different methods used to treat for bed bugs in Salt Lake City businesses. Bed bug heat treatment and conventional treatment are just two of the methods commonly used to combat these parasitic pests and the experts in Salt Lake City bed bug control at Sprague Pest Solutions would like to share why these methods are used.

Heat treatments are not only an effective way to get rid of bed bugs but they are a chemical free approach to bed bug control which makes it a green pest control solution. The science behind a heat treatment is to heat the infested area (using special heating devices) to a temperature of 120 degrees to kill off all life stages of bed bugs. In most cases after just one 6-8 hour treatment, the previously infested room will be completely bed bug free.

As for conventional bed bug treatments, sometimes they are used in conjunction with heat treatments again, depending on the severity of the infestation. Conventional treatments include an inspection of the room to find the sources of the bed bug problem and then applying methods such as vacuuming, steam cleaning, and a residual insecticide to infected areas. There will be follow up services to monitor any further bed bug activity as conventional methods may require multiple treatments.

No matter how severe your bed bug problem is, it is important that you have it treated as soon as possible to avoid any negative effects that bed bugs often carry. The longer the problem goes unaddressed, the more likely to have a negative impact in terms of higher remediation costs and reputation/litigation issues for businesses.  

To avoid such instances in your Salt Lake City business, be sure to contact Sprague Pest Solutions at the first sign of any bed bug problems. In addition to providing pest control for bed bugs in Salt Lake City, Sprague also offers commercial pest control services to much of the Pacific Northwest and the Intermountain regions.