bed bug treatments in portland

Bed bug heat treatments are the ideal solution for your bed bug problem in Portland, OR.

Any business owner who rents, sells, or maintains rooms is at a higher risk for a bed bug infestation. Whether you own or manage a hotel, condominiums, apartments, a dormitory, or an assisted living center in Portland, there’s no telling when bed bugs may strike. This is because of the influx in travelers and people moving in and out of the rooms on a more regular basis. Although there are many ways to help prevent bed bugs from infesting the rooms in your business, prevention alone may not be enough. So if the bed bugs do happen to find their way into your Portland, OR business, consider the benefits of a professional bed bug heat treatment

Heat treatments for bed bugs are quickly becoming the most popular means of bed bug extermination. Heat treatments have many benefits as a bed bug treatment; here are just some of the reasons why business owners and homeowners are choosing bed bug heat treatments: 

  • It is a one day treatment process. There is no need to evacuate your property for a long period of time and wait for chemicals to settle. And there is no need for the professionals to return for multiple treatments. 

  • There is no odor, which means the treatment is more discreet and less sensitive for those around. 

  • There are no chemicals and no toxins used in a heat treatment. Heat will penetrate walls, mattresses and other areas that can’t be reached by chemicals. 

  • A bed bug heat treatment kills bed bugs in all life stages, including bed bug eggs, nymphs and adults.   

Bed bugs can quickly destroy your business's image and reputation even though they have nothing to do with poor sanitation practices. It is important that businesses have an organized bed bug response plan so that each member of the staff knows exactly what to do in the case of a bed bug infestation so that the problem can be eradicated quickly, efficiently and discreetly. 

If your Portland hotel, condominium, or apartment building has been infested with bed bugs, contact Sprague Pest Solutions right away. We offer quick and efficient bed bug dog detection services to help locate the pests and our commercial bed bug heat treatments are designed to get rid of bed bugs as quickly as possible so business can continue to operate with no harm to guests and clients. For more information on our commercial pest control solutions for bed bugs, contact the pros at Sprague Pest Solutions today. 

This blog was originally published on May 23, 2012, but we have updated it to reflect the most recent and accurate information available in helping you combat frustrating bed bug problems.