DIY Bed Bug Heat Treatment

DIY bed bug treatments are not recommended.

With all the media attention bed bugs have received, you probably know what bed bugs look like (in all life stages) and you may even know precisely the ins and outs of their reproductive habits. In fact, you probably know enough about these insects to consider yourself a bed bug master and from an awareness standpoint, this is great news! Perhaps though after hearing all about the different options to get rid of bed bugs, you are contemplating your own bed bug treatment method. But our Portland bed bug specialists at Sprague Pest Solutions want to remind you that DIY bed bug control is not a good idea. Here are just a few examples of why:

  • It takes many DIY treatments to get rid of bed bugs (and they could actually make the problem worse) which can end up costing more than a professional treatment.

  • The overuse or mixing of chemicals can cause serious health problems.

  • Bed bugs have built up immunity to many common pesticides thus making store bought chemicals ineffective.

  • Heat treatments, if not performed by a trained professional with specialized equipment, can lead to fires in your home or business.

  • Bed bug bombs can cause fires, explosions and illness if not used properly.

Even if your efforts to get rid of bed bugs are carefully implemented, the fact is, bed bugs are such great hiders that you can easily miss a few live bugs or even their eggs. Before you know it, the blood sucking pests you tried so hard to get rid of will be back at it. Even after a professional bed bug treatment has been completed, we get the final approval from our team of bed bug sniffing canines. This is the most accurate way to detect whether or not the bed bug infestation has been fully eradicated or not. Unfortunately, we as humans have not developed the ability to so accurately detect bed bugs with our sense of smell...even when we feel like we know them so well!

So before you attempt to spray chemicals or heat up a room, please give us a call at Sprague Pest Solutions to discuss your options for safe and effective bed bug treatments for your home or business. Our service area extends beyond Portland, OR to include areas throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions.