Bed Bug Dog In Seattle

Many businesses now use bed bug sniffing dogs as a part of a comprehensive bed bug plan.

According to a survey on bed bugs by the National Pest Management Association, one in every five Americans has either encountered a bed bug infestation themselves or known someone who has. The main reasons have been attributed to the ban of certain insecticides as well as an increase in international travel. With this increase in the number of bed bug encounters for businesses and homes across major U.S. cities like Portland, OR and Seattle, WA, it became necessary for pest control professionals to amp up bed bug control programs.

Today, the use of bed bug sniffing canines is the preferred method for detecting the presence and location of bed bugs as well as their eggs. Bed bug dog inspections are far more effective than a visual inspection performed by a trained professional and that is why our team at Sprague Pest Solutions offers K9 bed bug inspections as a part of our comprehensive bed bug control services in Portland and Seattle (as well as select cities in our service area). So, what makes bed bug dog inspections so great?

  • Bed bug dogs are able to use their sense of smell to locate bed bugs rather than eyes. Since bed bugs are often too small for the naked eye (especially their eggs), the nose wins. 

  • Trained K9s can detect bed bugs with a 92% accuracy rate whereas human inspections are only 40-60% accurate. 

  • It takes a human 15 minutes to over an hour to inspect a room for bed bugs because we have to move furniture, use flashlights, etc. It only takes a trained bed bug dog 2 to 3 minutes to sniff out an entire room.

If you are concerned that your hotel or business in Portland or Seattle is experiencing bed bugs and want to contain the problem before complaints from guests are received, contact us at Sprague Pest Solutions. Our team, including our trained canines and their handlers, are ready to inspect your facility for bed bugs and provide safe and effective treatments such as bed bug heat treatments if necessary.

At Sprague Pest Solutions we provide a comprehensive bed bug plan that is designed to suit the needs of your business specifically and ensure that even though bed bug infestations are on the rise, your hard earned image and reputation will not be tarnished. Contact us today!