Mouse Trap In Denver CO Home

Mouse traps are not a good way to solve your Colorado mouse infestation.

When it comes to mice in Colorado homes, there is one thing that we can all agree on - they need to go! We’ve found that many homeowners attempt to get rid of mice on their own but often fail because of the ineffectiveness of mouse traps. While they may seem like the perfect solution to your mouse problem, take it from the Colorado pest control professionals, they aren’t. Keep reading to find out why mouse traps are ineffective.

They don’t always kill the trapped mouse.

The image of a trap snapping on a mouse and killing it is quite disturbing but what’s worse is this occurring and the mouse survives leaving you to finish the job. Oftentimes mouse traps leave the mouse injured, but still alive. And while most of us don’t want mice living in our home, we certainly don’t want to have to physically kill them...it gets messy.

They are not placed in the correct areas.

It is not always the traps themselves but how they are used that makes them ineffective. Often times it is our first thought to place a mouse trap out in the open with a piece of cheese to lure the mice in. But mice are smarter than that. When they forage for food they scurry along the sides of a room rather than exposing themselves by cutting across the middle of a room.

A few traps do not get rid of an entire infestation.

So, even if you do place the traps in the right locations and even if they do kill the mice, it is still just scratching the surface of the infestation. There are a couple of reasons why mouse traps are not enough. First off, mice are prolific breeders and their numbers grow quite rapidly. Secondly, if you don’t identify the entry points mice use to access your home and seal them off mice will keep entering. Setting traps will be a task in futility.

If your home in Denver or Boulder, Colorado is seeing mouse activity including mouse droppings or chew marks, please contact EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions today. Our rodent control team is ready to safely and effectively get rid of mice from your home without you having to deal with those mouse traps that don’t work.