spider webs on a building in seattle

Sweeping is essential for eliminating spider problems in Seattle and Portland

There’s nothing worse than making customers walk through an entryway filled with spider webs....if they even dare to that is. In fact, no matter where they are, inside or outside of your business facility, spiders and their webs are unsightly and can really tarnish your image and reputation. Customers will associate spider webs with a sign of filth, a lack of cleanliness.

Sprague Pest Solutions can help eliminate spider problems by sweeping the facility for spiders. We accomplish this by utilizing a special broom that reaches windows, eaves and siding, all the places where spiders are likely to hide out.

Once the spider webs are gone, the chances of spiders returning and establishing a web is less likely. It’s really a matter of disturbing their sound web areas, which can also be inside in areas that do not see much traffic - basements, storage rooms, or even just the deep, dark corners.

Unfortunately It’s not just the unsightly webs that cause problems for your business when it comes to spiders. Here are some other concerns that business owners in Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City and throughout the Pacific NW and Intermountain regions should be aware of:

  • They can lay eggs which will create an even larger pest problem

  • They can really scare customers and employees

  • Some spider bites can land people in the hospital

If your facility is having trouble controlling spiders then Sprague can help! Our team of technicians will sweep the property and help to eliminate any existing spiders as well as prevent new spiders from joining. For a spider free facility, please contact us today for more information.