Drip Line Along Side Of Home

Winter drip line inspections can save you from pest infestations this year.

With the winter season bringing cold weather to much of the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region, it is important to be sure that your home and business are protected from not only the cold weather but also pests. Did you know that the drip line along the foundation of the structure can be a magnet to pests including mice, rats and other insects? This area is not only close to the inside of the building but it also provides an abundance of water which is one thing that pests need to survive along with food and shelter.

From the pest control experts at Sprague Pest Solutions, here are a few tips to help prevent pests this winter near your home’s drip line.

  • Inspect the foundation for any cracks, crevices, or holes. No matter how small these cracks may be, it could be plenty of room for pests to get inside which is why these areas must be properly sealed off. Any cracks left untreated will fill with water, freeze, and then expand. So even if pests aren’t a problem right now, they certainly can become one quickly if there are cracks left unsealed.

  • Apply a layer of crushed rock along the foundation and drip line. The crushed rock will allow the water that drips from the eaves to go through the rocks and into the ground rather than sitting on the surface. As mentioned before, water is crucial to the survival of many rodents and other winter pests which is why you want to try to eliminate water sources.

  • Apply weather stripping to doors, especially any doors that are at the ground level. Weather stripping creates a tight seal so that any pests who could be lurking near the drip line will not be able to crawl right in through the front door. This will also help to hold the heat inside of your home and create a more comfortable living temperature for the entire family.

For more information on winter drip line inspections, home pest control solutions and commercial pest control, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions today! Our team is dedicated to providing safe and effective pest control that gets rid of existing pest problems as well as keeps future pest infestations away. So before the winter pests become a problem in your home or business, make sure to give us a shout. Our service area includes Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; and Salt Lake City, UT.