large black rat in seattle

Sprague offers Seattle businesses some helpful tips to keep the rats out during the SR-99 tunnel project

The SR 99 Tunnel Project is underway which means that before you know it, rats and other pests including cockroaches will be scrambling to find a new home. Any time that a city undergoes urban renewal, there can be a downside such as widespread pest infestations in local businesses. To help amp up efforts to prepare Seattle businesses for the Ratpocalypse Sprague used a billboard campaign to catch the attention of Seattle business owners.

Bikers cruising through the streets of Seattle towed billboards that read things like, “It's coming!” and “Save your building!”. It sure sparked an interest! The purpose of these billboards which include Sprague’s contact information is to warn people in the area that the rats are coming from the current tunnel project. As soon as the digging begins, there will be an increased threat of rodent and even cockroach infestations throughout the city.

What can you do as a business owner right now to prevent the effects of the Ratpocalypse? The Seattle pest control experts at Sprague recommend the following:

  1. Seal off your facility. Make sure there are no cracks, holes or crevices that rats could find their way in through.
  2. Keep your business sanitary. This means cleaning up spills and food debris, taking the trash out regularly and always sanitizing surfaces. Keep your dumpsters closed and do not overfill or set trash next to bins.
  3. Repair any leaky pipes or other structural damages right away as these areas can provide an access point for rodents.
  4. Stay vigilant!

Rodents thrive in the very environments that we humans do. So make sure that your Seattle business is not a rat magnet, or you could be a victim to the upcoming Ratpocalypse!

For more information on the threat of rats and the SR 99 Tunnel Project as well as comprehensive business solutions to protect and treat for pest infestations, please contact Sprague today. Not only are rats an unsightly addition to your business but they may drive away customers, spread illness, and seriously damage your image and reputation.