Bed Bug Heat Treatments In Portland, OR

Use heat to zap bed bugs in Portland!

If you are looking for a way to really get rid of bed bugs once and for all, the Portland bed bug control experts at Sprague Pest Solutions have just what you need. Bed bug heat treatments to zap bed bugs! No matter how severe the infestation, bottom line is that bed bugs and your business do not mix. These elusive pests can really create problems resulting in potential litigation matters, remediation costs, and a company name and reputation that is tarnished. And while bed bugs have nothing to do with being sanitary or not, they are not how you want customers to remember you. So when bed bugs in Portland strike, you need to strike back with the fast and effective bed bug heat treatments.

How do Sprague’s bed bug heat treatments in Portland work?

  1. All heat-sensitive items will be removed from the infested room.

  2. Specialized heaters, fans and ducts will be set up in the infested area.

  3. The room gets heated to at least 120 degrees to kill all bed bugs including eggs.

  4. Monitoring devices will ensure heat is maintained at lethal bed bug temperatures.

  5. Trained bed bug dogs will inspect the room to ensure it is bed bug free once the heat treatment is completed.

  6. Then it is back to business as usual!

The idea of bed bug heat treatments is simple and yet highly effective. Heat just works! What’s better is that there are no chemicals used, it only requires one treatment, the room is ready for use within 24 hours, and heat treatments are 100% effective at getting rid of not just live bed bugs but their eggs as well!

We understand just how devastating a bed bug infestation can be to your business, which is why our heat treatment teams are all trained and certified with the largest variety of specialized heat equipment to deliver you fast and effective bed bug control. Before your company suffers, contact Sprague Pest Solutions at the first sign of bed bugs in your business.

For more information on Sprague's bed bug control services in Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City and throughout our service area, simply give us a call!