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Controlling Ants In Your Commercial Facility




Pests in a commercial facility can be embarrassing. They can also cause you to fail sanitation audits, lose customers and they can become expensive to combat, especially if their numbers are allowed to get out of control. Most pests are simply a nuisance! But having them around is annoying and they give the look or feel of a dirty or unsanitary environment.


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Ant Identification And Prevention




Did you think when the height of summer was finally over, the ants inside your Colorado home might go away? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Sometimes ants continue to stick around in your home well into the fall. There are several different kinds of ants in Colorado that may be invading your home; these include the odorous house ant, the sugar and and the destructive carpenter…


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7 Signs That Your CO Home Is Attracting Pests




When the summer heat rolls in, so do the summer pests including ants in Colorado. We’re also talking about stinging insects, and mosquitoes among others and unfortunately these pests are probably already trying to invade your property or even inside of your Colorado home. If you do find summer pests to be a problem in Denver or Boulder, our Colorado pest control pros at EnviroPest by Sprague…


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What NOT To Do When You See Ants In Your Home




A lot of homeowners in Colorado have been complaining that there are ants in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and just about everywhere. If you are dealing with the same problem, you are in good company. And though instinct may have you going for that can of spray under the kitchen sink in order to kill these pesky insects, make sure that you read this first. It is what NOT to do when you see ants…


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