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Survey Reveals Bed Bugs Are Not Letting Up




There is nothing that can bash a reputation of a business quite the way a bed bug can. This tiny, crawly insect may not pose a threat to humans in the form of diseases or parasites, but your business is another story. You don’t ever want to get that call where a guest at your hotel, a resident in your nursing home, or a student in one of your dorms tells you he or she has bed bug bites.


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Let’s Raise Seattle’s Bed Bug Awareness!




The month of April is all about pests! No, seriously. In fact the National Pest Management Association has deemed April National Pest Management Month. And as a part of this month’s pest awareness drive, the week of April 22-26 has become designated Bed Bug Awareness Week. Since bed bugs are still very much a threat to businesses in Seattle and across the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain…


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