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Protect Your Reputation With Bed Bug Services From Sprague




There is nothing like a case of bed bugs to ruin your reputation. These pests don’t discriminate; your high end hotel can have them just as easily as the dive down the block. These pests travel on the backs and belongings of travelers and if they find a good place to hide in your facility, getting ridding of them can prove to be a challenge.


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Keep Bed Bugs Out Of Your Retail Store




Bed bugs have been a hot topic in the retail industry for awhile now. There are stories in the news of these pests being found in all types of retail stores throughout the country and in Portland, OR. Here are a few tips from Sprague’s Portland bed bug control department regarding keeping bed bugs out of your retail store. 


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Why DIY Bed Bug Treatments Are Not A Good Idea




With all the media attention bed bugs have received, you probably know what bed bugs look like (in all life stages) and you may even know precisely the ins and outs of their reproductive habits. In fact, you probably know enough about these insects to consider yourself a bed bug master and from an awareness standpoint, this is great news! Perhaps though after hearing all about the different…


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Why Dogs Are Leading Bed Bug Control In Portland And Seattle




Today, the use of bed bug sniffing canines is the preferred method for detecting the presence and location of bed bugs as well as their eggs. Bed bug dog inspections are far more effective than a visual inspection performed by a trained professional and that is why our team at Sprague Pest Solutions offers K9 bed bug inspections as a part of our comprehensive bed bug control services in Portland…


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