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Survey Reveals Bed Bugs Are Not Letting Up




There is nothing that can bash a reputation of a business quite the way a bed bug can. This tiny, crawly insect may not pose a threat to humans in the form of diseases or parasites, but your business is another story. You don’t ever want to get that call where a guest at your hotel, a resident in your nursing home, or a student in one of your dorms tells you he or she has bed bug bites.


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K-9 Bed Bug Inspections From Sprague Pest Solutions




The holiday hustle and bustle is almost here- are you prepared? Family and friends will be coming to stay soon, so now is a good time to plan ahead for your canine bed bug inspection from Sprague Pest Solutions. When your guests leave, you will want to be assured that they have not brought with them any unwelcome house guests like bed bugs, so a bed bug inspection by our trained bed bug detection…


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Denver Pest Control Pros On Carpet Beetles vs Bed Bugs




Do you know about carpet beetles? With all the hype about bed bugs in the news these days, you may not have heard much about carpet beetles. These bugs can be in your home and make you think you have a bed bug problem, because if you have a carpet beetle allergy, you may be reacting to these pests in a similar way as you would to bed bugs.


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What Travelers Are Asking About Bed Bugs, Part 2




A couple of weeks ago, the pros at Sprague Pest Solutions answered a few of your questions in regards to bed bugs while traveling. Since then, we’ve heard from a few more of you with even more questions to answer! Here is part 2 of the bed bug FAQs answered by the professionals in bed bug control in Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City.


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