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Comprehensive Treatments for Bed Bugs in Seattle




With the continuous rise in bed bug problems in Seattle, Sprague Pest Solutions has created a comprehensive bed bug program that helps to protect businesses from the negative impact of these pests. Bed bugs damage the image, reputation, and brand of businesses which means that business owners and managers in Seattle need to do everything possible to reduce the chances of a bed bug infestation.


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Advantages of Bed Bug Heat Treatments in Salt Lake City




When it comes to pest problems for businesses in Salt Lake City the most important thing is to effectively get rid of them. Bed bugs are one of the more serious pest problems that are plaguing businesses in the travel industry as well as apartment complexes and many other types of facilities. A single incident with bed bugs can really damage the image and reputation of a business which is why…


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Got Bed Bugs? Seek Help, Don't Toss Your Furniture!




As we continue to learn more about bed bugs and their plans to seemingly take over the world, you may be inclined to go out on a limb and take drastic measures to get rid of them. Although the first reaction may be to get rid of the infested items all together, it is actually best to wait for the professionals to assist in getting rid of these pests. You could be throwing away a lot of money in…


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Bed Bugs: Not Just A Problem For Hotels In Seattle




Bed bugs in Seattle are mainly associated with places that have beds. As far as businesses are concerned, many are fooled to believe that bed bugs are only a problem for hotels and the travel industry. But the truth is, bed bugs can easily infest other types of businesses in Seattle because it is not the beds they are after, the real target are humans.


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